Technical Skills:
pdf updated March 2018

I’m self taught in web technologies and have worked across the stack in various projects including backend (Flask, SpringBoot, Node), frontend (React, jquery) and mobile (Android) work. Currently I am trying to up skill myself in React, TypeScript, React Native and TensorFlow.

Work Experience


I’ll be starting at Google in 2019 as a Software Engineer on Chrome OS. Prior to that I was lucky enough to be able to intern at Google twice. My first internship was on the Network SRE team where I was dealing with data from connecting ISPs. My most recent internship was on the Google Maps Location Sharing team where I managed to launch two features to millions of users world wide, they are now live on the Google Maps Mobile applications! Some of my work was actually discovered by Android Police APK teardowns: battery, time zone.

Monash University

At university I am an honours student, teaching associate and web developer. My thesis is supervised by Dr. Yuan-Fang Li and Dr. Lan Du in the Faculty of Information Technology. It is focused on a Natural Language Processing approach for Knowledge Graph embeddings, I hope it will contribute to the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I’m a teaching associate running labs, tutorials and marking exams for Object Oriented Design & Implementation and Algorithm fundamentals in Python. Additionally, I work within the student innovation space on web projects that were originally open sourced, but now acquired (and funded) by the university.


I was a Technical Analyst at Accenture for a while, working on projects to automate business processes which involved using Python, Splunk, JQuery & AWS. I was also a mentor for the Accenture Technology Bootcamp (a 1 week hackathon) leading a team of 6 students.

Other Relevant Bits

I’ve done some other things that might be relevant:

I also work on some cool side projects, check some of them out here.