I’ve done a range of hackathons, random side projects and a few pieces of polished work. Hopefully this showcases a diverse range of them.

Facebook Global Hackathon

Informing you of disasters helping you help others

Realizing the impact of the wildfires in California which were unknown to us before we got to Sillion Valley, we made an application to notify you about disasters nearby so you can prepare for them & help others. We won 2nd place against teams form hackathons at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford and London just to name a few!

Google Maps Location Sharing

A overview of what I did during my Google internship

Implemented two features on Google Maps Android for Location Sharing in Maps during my last Google internship. This included work on the server side and changes to the Android application. I implemented sharing your battery percentage as well as timezone to your loved one you are sharing your location with!

Make fundraising easy!

Freelance web development project

A few friends were hired to build the tech side for a start up. I worked on the website which was their landing page and main point of entry.

Telstra Swagger Platform

Automating SDK generation of APIs

Forth year Software Engineering project with Telstra. An open source platform to automate generating SDKs using Swagger built using React, TypeScript, MobX & Jest.

Gecko DM 🐸

Echo 360 (lecture recording) downloader

During exam period, there was no way to download multiple lectures at once. So instead of studying for exams, a few friends and I got together to build a chrome extension to download all our lectures (instead of actually watching them). This is available on the Chrome store.

Weather App 🌤🌧

A massively over engineered web app

For an OO unit at university we chose to learn TypeScript and web from scratch, and thus came this monstrosity. It was so annoying making functional components OO adding classes and interfaces for everything. Please don't look at our UML...we have soooooo many classes.


Real time trip planing with friends

Won us the Facebook Melbourne Hackathon 2018! This comes with a free trip to San Francisco later in the year to compete in the global finals!

Technical Interviews

A repository of algorithms & data structures

I use this to help me study for interviews and will continuously add to this (hopefully) throughout my career. Includes common algorithms & data structures, big O & Python specifics.


A ready to use Java SpringBoot API

A ready to use backend API for for Google App Engine built using Java SpringBoot. I helped build the abstraction layer providing easy to implement (literally seconds) CRUD functionality.


A course planner for students, by students

Originally an open source project started by two dudes called Eric and Josh. This was picked up and funded by the university to be fully built and included into the enrollment process.


A trending GitHub repository viewer

An Android app for viewing popular GitHub repositories. Also comes with geolocation matching functionality that might be useful for dev meetups and such. This started as a university assignment and I kinda left it at that. I might finish building it one day.

Scissors Paper Rock


My first ever project! After my first year at uni I felt like I didn't know anything useful, so I made this because I wanted to learn how to make something tangible. It is a scissors paper rock game made in Python & tkinter. I made the graphics in Microsoft Paint 😛